Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp Review

Xiaomi has come a long way from manufacturing only phones. Now, Xiaomi manufactures many smart electronics, mostly household appliances. Now, from the same company comes another smart appliance, the Xiaomi  Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp. Almost all of us have a desk lamp at home.

Desk lamps are very good appliances for reading, using your computer and such activities, be it near your bed or on your desk. Most of the lamps we use are fine whatsoever. So, why would you need a smart lamp, you may ask. Well, after looking in-depth at the Mi Smart LED Lamp, you will know. So, find out what makes it so good in our Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp review.

This Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp appears to be just a simple lamp, and it might just be so, but it has a number of features that are quite useful. Furthermore, you can also control it with your phone, which is more convenient than you might think. This really is one cool smart lamp money can buy, and it’s not really expensive. You can have this smart LED lamp for less than $60! What will you get for this amount of money? Stay with us for the in-depth review of Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp.

Design and Build

This lamp has a very attractive looking minimalistic build. The design and build of this smart LED desk lamp are quite simplistic, yet so appealing. There is nothing more than two metal rods, one of which is fixed to the stand while the other is adjustable. The adjustable rod has the strip lights and it is connected to the other with nothing but a small red wire. The rod that holds the lamp is adjustable for up to an obtuse angle. It can be rotated from the closed position up to 130 – 140 degrees to be more specific.


It features an all-white exterior, which looks good and cool, but if you ask me, it will look dirty quite easily. The lamp has a circular stand, which can fit easily on any desk or other furniture. The base is wide enough for the minimalistic design not to tip over but small enough not to eat up too much space on your desk. In addition, you don’t need to fiddle with switches as there is only one knob that controls the entire working of this lamp. You can press it to turn on / off. Just rotate the knob left or right to decrease or increase the brightness of the lamp. Similarly, you can press and rotate the knob simultaneously

You can press it to turn on / off. Just rotate the knob left or right to decrease or increase the brightness of the lamp. Similarly, you can press and rotate the knob simultaneously to change the temperature of the lamp. By which, in layman’s term, I mean you can change the color of the light, full orange to white light.

Also, you can double-click on the knob to turn on focus mode, which we’ll talk about later.

Lighting Modes

The Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp features four lighting modes to suit your purposes. They are Read mode, Kid mode, Computer mode, and Focus mode. You need to install Xiaomi’s Mi Home app to use this feature, though.

Read mode is convenient when you are reading a book or studying. This mode sets the brightness at maximum with a neutral color temperature, which makes it easy on the eyes. This will help to reduce stress on the eyes while you’re reading. And for me, it did actually work. I could read very easily and for a longer period of time with the light on.

Kid mode is useful for when you have to use the lamp and there are kids around. It makes the color temperature a little warmer to avoid any damage to your kids’ eyes.

Computer mode has the warmest temperature color, which claims to minimize the stress on your eyes by reducing the blue-light from your computer screens. It did work as claimed while I was sitting in front of my computer as I felt less strain on my eyes even after hours of computer use. This also boasts that it can help you sleep better, but I actually found no difference with some use.

Focus mode keeps changing its brightness for a few seconds after some time to remind you to rest after you’ve been working for a long time. You can set the working time and rest time yourself, and it works accordingly. This is useful if you are working by following a time management methods while working. But if you’re like me, then, you’ll just forget that and go on with your work.

Xiaomi Mi Home app and Connectivity

The Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp has a good amount of features for convenience, but you need Xiaomi’s Mi Home app to make full use of it. Of course, you can just as easily adjust the color temps and brightness as per your use manually, but the app makes it faster or easier. I really didn’t find much use with the app, because the app’s settings would not quite sometimes match my comfort with the lamp. However, it is really useful if you tend to use the focus mode while working or want the optimum settings with various modes.

The app is quite easy to use, though. You can easily switch between the modes with a single tap. The custom mode enables you to manipulate the settings manually for your taste or preference. You have to swipe up / down to increase/decrease the brightness and swipe right / left to change the color temperature. The Pomodoro setting is for the focus mode where you can set your work time or rest time as per your requirement. There are also other scenes and schedules you can choose or make to suit your own purposes. You’ll be able to get familiar with the app in a short time.

The connectivity of the Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp is what makes it so smart. Connect it to your phone and enjoy its various modes easily. Also, set your own schedules according to your requirement and have fun using it. Connecting your phone to the device is very easy. You just need to reset your device, select the lamp from Xiaomi’s Mi Home app device list and connect to your WiFi. As long as it is connected, the app will work great.

However, if you have to change your network, then you have to reset the lamp again, which can be a bother if you use the same lamp at some office and home. And, if you lose the power source for the lamp, even when it’s off, it’ll disconnect from your phone automatically. And then, you have to wait quite a while for it to connect back again.


Xiaomi-Mi-Smart-LED-Desk-Lamp-review-10bestcaseOverall, the Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp is a remarkable smart appliance. It is just a lamp on paper, but you can use it as you like it. Though the uses are limited, it is, after all, a desk lamp. So, don’t go on expecting unrealistic features from it. It might be just me, but I did find some inconvenience with it. For example, this lamp has limited articulation, i.e. you can only rotate the angle of the arm and not the full body. You need to move the whole lamp if you want to point the lamp at another spot.

And maybe this is quite not necessary, but it could do well with a rechargeable battery. It’s not that necessary if the lamp sits in one spot all the time. But I had some cases when I tried to move the lamp to a different spot on my desk, and since the cord is not that long, it lost power, and then, I had to wait a while for it to connect to my phone. So, yes, I would have liked to have these features included in this lamp. But I’m not really complaining, though. For the price, the features are quite enough and the design is quite right. You won’t really regret getting the Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp.

So, this was the in-depth Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp review. Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it and stick with us for more such information and news.

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