$10 vs $40 Phone Case: Are Premium Phone Cases worth it?

A premium case from reputed brand Otterbox: Price $40There are over 1000 accessory makers for smartphones and tablets. Some charge you a huge sum of money while others will sell their products at the cheapest rates possible. We can see it happen with phone cases quite a lot. Two cases look the same(apart from branding, of course) but have a price difference of over 300%. That’s huge! So what does the extra money you spend on a phone case get you? Are premium phone cases worth it? Let’s find out!


A premium transparent Case from Otterbox: Price $40

Otterbox is one of the most of phone cases manufacturer which has a great heritage. The brand has been with us for over 40 years. And no doubt, the product they deliver are of exceptional quality. They originally made only thick rugged cases which gave extreme protection the phone and tablets. But over the years, we have seen the manufacturer come up with a variety of cases for different phones. For instance, we can see in the screenshot above, Otterbox has started making transparent cases for both the phone and tablets.

But now, there are so many other phone case and accessories manufacturers out there. The competition has certainly tightened up. But the prices of Otter cases have not dropped even a bit. As things stand out, does it really make sense to get an Otterbox Case then? Are phone cases even worth the money?


Transparent case that claims to be just as good as the Otterbox but costs $9

And there’s this transparent case that you can find on Amazon. It looks just as good as the Otterbox and claims to provide the same level of protection but costs a fraction of the money. So, why not get this one?

Cheap cases are mostly the way to go!


Let’s face it! Expensive doesn’t always translate to better. We have seen that often time than not. Brands really don’t matter when the product itself is good. It is more true with accessories such as phone cases.

Buying a case from Spigen or Kugi or Otterbox, if the quality is the same, you should go for the cheapest one available. It’s not like the more expensive will last the longest. In fact, I have heard things such that all the cases are made in one manufacturing plant and then, they are labeled with different brand names! And I believe that a part of it is true.

If you are looking for something very basic, going for a premium brand doesn’t make that much sense. If you like a case design that is generic and a design that any brand can make it, your best bet is to go with the cheaper option. And if it breaks down, you can always get another one!

But there’s an exception!are-expensive-phone-cases-worth-it

Okay, I did say that cheap phone cases are the way to go and don’t think that the premium phone cases are worth the money. But it’s not always true. For example, if you are going for a designer case, other small manufacturers just can’t make them. The same goes for high-quality Otterbox phone cases. You should be selective and get an expensive case only when there are no alternatives available. But when there are alternatives, getting the cheaper one is the way to go.

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  1. In my experience cheap cases are more for looks then protection. Most do not claim to protect to specific tests. They do not certify they have been tested or that the materials are the best. If your generally careful about your phone then maybe the focus is on style over protection. But if your prone to drops or rough handling I would buy a better case as insurance knowing that the company has made it to standards that were tested and passed. Sure it’s more expensive but consider it a investment in insurance for your device.

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