9 Best Motorola Moto E Cases [E7 7th Gen 2020]

Motorola Moto E7 is one of the best entry-level Android phones you can buy in 2020. In this article, we will be looking at the Best Motorola E Cases for this 7th generation 2020 Motorola phone.

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Onola Tri-Layer Defense Clear Case for Moto E7

onola tri-layer defense case for moto e7 crystal clear

You’ve heard of dual-layered cases. Now, get ready for even more. This new case for your Motorola Moto E7 features three layers for reinforced protection. While the three-layer protection feature may confuse you, it actually refers to the specialized screen protector that fits into the phone case.

But since this screen protector is something that you can slip on and off, the edges of the screen protector actually serve as another raised lip to protect the screen against falls, or scratches while laying it on the table.

The second layer refers to the rubber bumpers and enhanced corner protection on the four sides, where the phones are most vulnerable during falls. And finally, the third layer is the sturdy hard clear PC layer that resists impacts.

All in all, a pretty cool design with great functionality. The case is transparent, so, that you can show off your phone’s sleek looks while it also protects you from most of the abuses and mishaps. And even with all of this, all the ports and buttons are easily accessible.

This tri-layer Moto E7 2020 case is available in two color choices: Black and Blue, for less than $10.

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Motorola Moto E 2020 Dual Layered Grip Case

tekcoo dual layered protective case for moto e7 solid gripHere’s another multi-layered case for your phone in this list of 9 Best Motorola Moto E Cases [7th Gen 2020]. This is because we know multi-layered cases are the ones that provide the best protection for your phones, even though they may compromise on looks or size, and elegance. But we believe that the primary purpose of a phone case is protection, so, here it is – a dual-layered case.

Made out of rubber silicone as the inner layer that absorbs shock, and the outer layer of hard plastic that is resistant against impacts, it gives you enough protection to withstand most of the abuses and accidents. In addition, the outer layer also has this grippy texture which prevents your phone from slipping from your hands, due to any reason, while it also adds a bit to the looks of the case.

So, this is a case that ticks almost all the boxes for a great phone case. You can choose from four different colors. And these are really affordable as well – you can have one for less than $8!

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Osophter Moto E7 2020 Flexible Brushed Metal Case

osophter flexible case for moto e7 brushed metalDo you wish you could go back to the days where phones were made out of metal? You know – the shine, the luster, and just the looks of the metallic texture… Well, phones have moved on to other things, but with cases that give off a metallic look, you can still have a part of that feeling. With this case, you can do exactly just that.

Of course, the case is not made out of metal really, because, which one really is, right? Metal cases are not really the standard, except some which are made more for style, but metallic brushed looks on cases are quite popular.

This case, too, with its brushed metal appearance, looks like a metal one, as well. But it’s made out of molded TPU material and polycarbonate which is flexible and protects your phone by absorbing shock upon impacts. Also, it’s pretty resistant to dust, scratches, tear, and finger smudges as well.

It is available in four different color options, but the gray one gives it a better metallic look than others.

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Armor-X BX3 Rugged Outdoor Case for Motorola Moto E7

armor-x bx3 rugged case for motorola moto e7 outdoorsIf you are an outdoor girl/guy, you will really like this one. This is a rugged case for the Moto E7 2020. But this one here is not necessarily the thick rugged case you normally get. It is an Ultra-compact heavy-duty case that’s made especially for the people who are more adventurous and spend a lot of time outdoors. A dual composite construction of TPU and PC material ensures that you get the optimum protection without sacrificing the thickness and grip. Also, a clear profile makes it more appealing.

In addition, you get a bunch of add-ons with this case. There’s an integrated X-Mount Adaptor, an Active-Key with grip strap, a magnet holder, a SIM/ejector pin holder, a toolbox holder, and a carabiner as well. Truly a case made for those who love the outdoors!

If this case appeals to the adventurer in you, this case is certainly the one to get.

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Motorola Moto E 2020 Leather Flip Case

qiongni leather flip case for moto e7 wallet feature

Next, up in this list of 9 Best Motorola Moto E Cases [7th Gen 2020], we have a leather case for your Motorola Moto E7. Leather cases are the perfect example of a classy look with great touch and feel, but with some added features, they can also be made one of the most convenient phone cases ever! For example, with this one, the case has built-in pockets like wallets where you can store cards, and cash as well. Of course, you can’t store a lot of them, but just enough for some convenience. Also, the flip case’s lid can be used as a kickstand for hands-free viewing too.

In addition, the leather case is made out of PU synthetic leather – which is scratch resistant as well as smudge-resistant. And it also has a good soft-touch-feel texture on the outside. That’s the true mark of a cool, classy, and convenient phone case.

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Xpression Motorola Moto E7 Soft Clear Case

xpression soft flexible case for moto e7 transparentAnother transparent case for your Motorola Moto E7 in this list of 9 Best Motorola Moto E Cases [7th Gen 2020]. But this doesn’t feature the fancy and superior multi-layered protection like the first one on this list. But even so, it is a case that is pretty capable of protecting your device against most of the skirmishes or abuses that your phone can go through. Plus, the clear design preserves your phone’s looks pretty well.

The case is made out of TPU material which is an excellent shock absorber. So, it can protect your phone pretty well upon any shocks and bumps. Also, the sides or bumpers are made out of hard plastic for extra resistance to any impacts. A great combo for a case!

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Motorola Moto E7 Rugged Hard Case Cover

njjex heavy duty armor case for moto e7 rugged combo

Well, multi-layered protective cases are one thing, but how about a super heavy duty armor case with a rugged design that offers military-grade protection to your phones? That is exactly what we have here in this list right now. This heavy-duty case is a good example of solid protection with good convenience as well. The case features three layers – a hard PC layer outside that is resistant to impacts which also features a fantastic looking camouflage tint making it look cool; a soft TPU inner layer that absorbs shock upon impact, and a third screen protector layer that slips on from the front. A solid combo for all-round protection.

In addition, the outer layer also has a built-in kickstand with a 180-degree swivel for hands-free viewing as well. Furthermore, it comes with a belt clip accessory that allows you to carry it hanging on your belt. A pretty swell combination for all-round protection and looks but compromises on slimness.

You can check out this heavy-duty rugged armor case here>>

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Lantier Heavy Duty Glitter Bling Case for Motorola Moto E7

lantier bling case for motorola moto e7 heavy dutyIf by any chance, you think cases for your phone look boring or plain, you can always spice it up with some fancy looking cases out there. Presently, the market seems not to have those cool artsy designs on them, but there are plenty of cute cartoony designed cases out there for you to grab! Here’s one such case with shiny bling and fancy designs. Now, the blingy profile makes it quite suitable for women…but if you lads wanna carry it too, it will go great! Who doesn’t like shiny stuff, right?

Besides the fancy designs, the Moto E 2020 case boasts dual layers of construction for solid protection – a soft inner TPU layer that absorbs shock and the hard PC outer layer that shields against impacts. Also, the rhinestones and UV printed designs are pretty long-lasting too!

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Best Motorola Moto E7 Slim Soft Case [2020 Edition]

thunder series motorola moto e7 case twill textureHere’s something simple that just gets the job done! If you’re tired of looking at cases that are either heavy-duty, or rugged and thick, or with bling and shiny, and just want something simple and affordable, there’s this.

This, right here, is an ultra-slim soft and flexible case for your phone. It is made out of TPU material that absorbs shock and protects your phone even though it’s pretty thin. In addition, the case has been designed with the twill texture on the back and sides, it makes for enhanced grip, so, even if you hold the phone for a long time, you still get that sturdy grip!  And on a side note, this one also comes really cheap!

These are the Best Motorola Moto E Cases you can buy for the 2020 Edition of the phone. Hope you liked at least one of our offerings.

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