Is the 2020 Samsung Galaxy A01 Worth The Money?

Samsung has been pumping the US market with new phones. The Galaxy S20 Family didn’t do as well as the company expected. To make up for this, the company has launched 6 new entry-level and mid-range smartphones to the US. The Galaxy A01 is the cheapest of them. But the real question is- Is the 2020 Galaxy A01 worth the money?

It’s hard to imagine how technology has evolved over time. When you look back just a few years, you will be hard-precessed to find any decent phone for around $110. In that regard, the Galaxy A01 is definitely worth the money. $110 gets you a large 5.7-inch smartphone running on the latest version of Android.

Let’s check out all the features the 2020 Samsung Galaxy A01 has to offer.

2020 Galaxy A01 Design and Display

Since the Galaxy A01 is the cheapest Samsung phone you can buy in the US, you really shouldn’t be expecting too much in terms of design.

While the phone doesn’t feature a premium build, the phone looks and feels solid. The bezels on the phone are minimal too. Even if you get a case cover for Galaxy A01 2020, the phone won’t look or feel bulky in any regard.

The display is something that I personally am not really gone about. The Galaxy A01 features a 5.7-inch TFT LCD display. While I wasn’t expecting an AMOLED display with this entry-level Samsung phone, it would have been great if the company put at least a display with an IPS panel.

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Samsung Galaxy A01 Performance


For an entry-level phone, the Galaxy A01 is a good-performer. The features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 SoC and is coupled with 2GB of RAM. This combo should let you run a majority of apps and games on the Play Store. Just don’t expect to play GPU intensive games like Fortnite and PUBG, though.

The phone also has 16GB of internal storage which can be further expanded using the dedicated Micro-SD card slot.

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Galaxy A01 Camera and Video

Just a few years ago, to get a phone with a Dual Camera would require you to spend at least $500 or so. Today, almost all entry to mid-range phones offer a dual-camera system. The Galaxy A01 has a 13MP+2MP camera setup. The 13MP has an f/2.2 wide lens while the other camera is a depth sensor for portrait photos.

With the photos out of the phone isn’t spectacular, the photos come out decent. In bright daylight, you won’t have a problem with the quality of the photos. However, as it starts getting dark, the phone certainly struggles.

The Galaxy A01 is also capable of recording Full HD videos at 30fps. There’s no optical stabilization but the EIS does a decent job.

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Is the Galaxy A01 Worth your Money?

For $110, the 2020 Samsung Galaxy A01 is certainly worth your money. The phone goes to show that you really don’t need to spend 4-digit money to buy a smartphone in 2020. If you are tight on budget, you really cannot go wrong with the Galaxy A01. I highly recommend it.

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  1. I have been using this phone as of late and I must say it is ok. I personally do not like Samsung products and was sort of forced into this one, it is no L.G. but it gets the job done. It seems to lack the pop that .l.g. has imo

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