G Suite for Managing your Remote Workforce

G Suite, formerly known as Google Apps for Work is hands-down the best tool for remotely managing the Workforce. It is fast, lightweight, and runs on all devices ranging from smartphones to laptops. The service is well priced and very easy to administer. No wonder, it’s been the best suite for getting the things done, year after year.

Google offers a lot of free services which include: Mail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Contacts, Hangouts, etc. The G Suite gets all these with add-on features. The G Suite is targeted toward enterprises and organizations with a distributed workforce.


Getting started with the G Suite is a simple affair. Users can sign up using their Google account. The service starts at $5 per user per month for the basic plan, however, a larger organization will want to check out the enterprise plan which costs $25 per user per month.

A progressive organization is always looking for ways to grow and expand the business. The G Suite is designed to deliver just that. It is a suite of very powerful tools that can dramatically grow your business. The service can better the performance of your organization in the following ways:

  • Improved communication
  • Improved collaboration
  • Improve information sharing
  • Streamlined processes
  • Increased productivity

Improved Communication

The key feature of Google Suite is to speed up the work. It does so by greatly enhancing the communication. Sharing of information is easier and smoother with the integration of different services.

Anyone who is in the workforce team can know what’s changed and what is modified. Also, team members can directly communicate with one another narrowing the gap of communication.

Consider there is a mistake in the pricing of a product, you can communicate the error to the respective subordinate using comments. Comments work great on Docs, Sheets, and even on Google+.

Improved Collaborationmulti-user-editing-g-suite

With G Suite, the employees can work on the same task simultaneously. For example, two or more team members can work on a single Sheets document and the changes are reflected in real-time. And the good thing about these features is that each user is designated a dedicated color which lets the team member know who is making the changes and where the changes are being made.

Improved Information Sharing

Users can also share files amongst one another using the Google Drive. You can also choose who all gets the permission to edit and modify the uploaded content. The service gives access to only authorized users. You can set up the sharing to be either flexible or rigid in your settings.

Streamlined processes

g-suite-google-forms-sheets-integrationData is crucial for making decisions. With Google Forms, collecting data from the employees and the customers is an easy affair. When the targeted group of people fills out the form, the information is analyzed and processed helping make better decisions.

When the employees or customers fill in the information in the form, the results are collected in Sheets and App Scripts which can be used to further process the data. The processed data, which results in information, is provided to all the employees which helps in the planning of work.

G Suite can also be used across organizations. For instance, companies can give access of their inventory to the suppliers. Doing so, the suppliers can exactly know when the inventory is running low and when there is a need to restock the supplies.

Increased Productivity

Organizations that have distributed workforce can boost productivity when everyone is aware of the what-about of the company. The employees can make the work clear to employees using G Suite. Also, it is much easier to keep track of employee’s performance with the service.

The G Suite helps the employer know how the employees are performing by letting them know the hours the employees have worked and the percentage of work they have completed. In addition to that, the dashboard gives insight on the session duration and the time of login and log out.

Why G Suite is Crucial for Managing Remote Workforce

If an organization is looking to build a remote workforce, it is crucial to use services such as G Suite. It helps keep track of work done by freelancers.

Good communication is the key to managing remote freelance employees. Also, it is important that the goal of the employee aligns with the goal of the organization. It’s one thing that really has to be taken into consideration.

It’s a good idea to have frequent discussions with the employees so that mutual goals are met. Not only that, it ensures that both the parties are satisfied rather than just completing the work.

Reasons to get G Suiteg-suite-settings

Be it a small company or a multi-million dollar company, G Suite may be right for your needs.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting the G Suite:


The price of G Suite is attractive. There is different pricing for the service as per the requirement of the user. The pricing starts at $5 which offers more features to the user when compared to Microsoft Office 365. And the great thing about the service is that all the features are included in the price.


There will be very few people who are not acquainted with Google services. Anyone who has used the free version of Google Drive, Google Mail, Google Docs, etc. will feel right at home. It means that you won’t have to spend hours training employees on how to get started with the services.


Over the years, Google has simplified all its services which means all the apps in the suite is simple to navigate and use. Also, a single login lets users access all the different tools and services.


G Suite is a cloud-based service which means it can be accessed through any device that can connect to the Internet. Employees are able to access data and stay connected no matter where they are or what device they are using. Further, admins can control offline access using device policies.


What makes G Suite so popular is its great compatibility with a host of devices and third-party services. For example, Google Docs is able to read and write Microsoft Word documents. So you can start working on Microsoft Word and finish off the document on Google Docs.

Also, G Suite will work on all devices running Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, or Mac OS. You are good to go if your system can run any modern browser without any issue.


Security is the key element to any online services and G Suite has the best of it. Since it’s an online service, Google is updating the suite very frequently to make sure that there are no vulnerabilities in the system.

There are also security features which prevent access to the suite from unauthorized computers or when the system is accessed from an unauthorized location.

G Suite Review: Verdict

g-suite-review-appgameblogG Suite is an excellent service and a must for organizations that has its workforce working remotely. Using the service, you will also be able to plan better. It also helps in the smooth functioning of the organization.

Not only can you track the work of your employees, but you can also see the during for which they have worked, the number of emails they have sent, the number of files they have shared, the login time, the logout time and a lot more.

Google has done an excellent job of integrating all the features together making the G Suite a solid package. The synergy of all the Google apps is what makes the Suite so powerful.

So, if you are looking for a service that can manage your remote workforce, be it large or small, you should definitely keep G Suite as your option.

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