10 Best Google Pixel 4A Covers and Cases

Google Pixel 4A was long time coming and after a lot of delay, it’s finally here. Thanks to the delay, we now have a list of excellent cases and covers for the Pixel 4A that you can buy right now. In this article, we will be looking at the 10 Best Google Pixel 4A Covers and Cases. Without wasting any of your time, let’s get to it.

Note:All of the Pixel 4A Covers featured in this list come from 3rd party manufacturers. If you are looking to buy a Pixel 4A Cover from Google itself, please check the Google Official Case here.

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Caseology Parallax Military Grade Protective Case for Google Pixel 4a

caseology parallax google pixel 4a case military grade

While making a list of the 10 of the best of anything, we make sure we include the one that catches our attention really well, on the very top. So, this list of 10 Best Google Pixel 4A Covers and Cases starts with this military-grade case for Google Pixel 4a. That means it will offer you the best kind of protection there is for your newly bought Pixel 4a phone.

Now, military-grade protection implies the existence of multiple layers in construction. And so, it features two layers – an inner shock absorbing TPU layer and an outer hard PC layer that resists forces upon impact. And keeping it all very stylish, you get a matte geometric pattern body that makes for better ergonomics.

The pattern also helps in adding a better grip and helps in better resistance upon drops and other mishaps. In addition, another great thing about this case is it is compatible with most wireless pad chargers so you don’t have to take them off while charging!

The case is available in 4 exciting colors. You can check it out down below

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Head Case Mark Ashkenazi Pattern Case for Google Pixel 4a

head case geometric pattern case mark ashkenazi patternIf you’re a fan of the fine arts, you’ve probably heard of Mark Ashkenazi – the Israeli photo artist based in New York. Why do we ask? Well, if you like his work, and maybe wanted something similar to adorn your phone with, then, Head Case has made it possible – with its series of Mark Ashkenazi’s certified Geometric artistic patterns case for your Google Pixel 4a.

The case, undoubtedly, is stylish – and with high res printed graphics, these will not be fading away anytime soon. Also, the construction is durable, too – with soft gel material that absorbs shocks upon impact, while protecting against dust and scratches as well. There’s also a raised lip on the front that safeguards your screen. In addition, this case boasts a comfortable grip on your hands as well.

There are numerous geometric patterns to choose from but all in Black and White. It is an acquired taste, but for those who find it appealing, it’s certainly worth your money.

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J&D Wallet Stand Leather Flip Case for Pixel 4a

J&D leather flip case for google pixel 4a wallet feature

Wallet cases may not be crafted for the best kind of protection. Neither are they known for their ergonomics and nifty-ness. But what they do provide is a great convenience, and the level of luxurious style few other cases seem to be able to match. Of course, even though these are mostly not genuine leather (which is also frowned upon by many), they do serve their purpose pretty well.

A synthetic PU leather construction with shock-absorbent TPU on the inside gives you protection against drops, scratches, and other scuffs. While the synthetic leather on the outside also gives a satisfying touch and feel on your hands. And of course, how can we forget the wallet feature? It gives you three card slots and also a pocket for cash. So, you don’t have to carry your wallet all the time. Travel light!

In addition, the flip cover is so designed to enable it to be used in horizontal media view as well. And it also has a wrist strap making it easy to carry too.

So many features all for convenience, huh?

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Ghostek Covert Military Grade Case for Pixel 4a


ghostek covert case for pixel 4a military grade

Here’s another case that’s built for supposedly “ultimate protection” of your Google Pixel 4a. This one, by Ghostek also claims to be military-grade level, and tested for drop resistance up to 8 ft. So, that’s some evidence that it can easily protect your phone upon normal drops, impacts, and other mishaps.

The construction material is a flexible TPU that protects your phone by absorbing shock. However, that’s not all. The TPU layer has Infused Corners with R2x Shock Absorbers, meaning better impact resistance on the corners and edges.

Also, the bumpers have been fashioned in such a way that they provide you the best kind of grip – sturdy yet comfortable on the hands. In addition, this case also features a small kickstand at the back that helps for horizontal media viewing as well.

There are three colors to choose from – Clear, Pink, and Smoky.

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Starheimei Gasbag Soft Case for Google Pixel 4a

starheimei gasbag soft case for pixel 4a stylish design

So, here’s something if you want a colorful and playful element on your phone – a case with a creative and soothing design for your eyes. With UV paint colorful designs on the back, it will really add to the charm of your device – proving that good cases do not always need to be boring or plain. From artistic designs to cool, edgy liners, there are various choices available.

And of course, it wouldn’t really be a case without some tough protection, would it? This case here is made out of environment-friendly plastic and anti-stretch TPU rubber molded together. Also, the sides have anti-skid designs, along with Four-Corner Protection, which means thicker corners that protect the most vulnerable parts of the phone upon impact.

As aforementioned, there are varieties of designs to choose from for your Pixel 4a.

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Cyrill Color Brick Google Pixel 4a Case

cyrill color brick google pixel 4a case solid matte

Here’s something solid for you in this list of 10 Best Google Pixel 4A Covers and Cases, literally. This solid hard case for your Google Pixel 4a is very suitable for you if you prefer those hardback cases for your phone. The Hard PC back protects the phone against direct drops or such impacts while the TPU bumper protects the side via shock absorption. Also, this case features a matte finish which gives your hands a different touch and feels.

Form-fitted and highly ergonomic, this case also comes with bright eye-catching buttons for style and convenience. And since it’s translucent, it can take the color of your phone, hence, not entirely plain colors either.

Available in two different colors – gray and black, but both in translucent profiles.

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Head Case Designs Official Game of Thrones Sigil Case for Pixel 4a

head case designs stylish hard google pixel 4a case game of thrones

Sure, Game of Thrones did not end in the best of ways in terms of a series, but that is an iconic series, and its other epic moments will be remembered by fans in history for a long, long time. And if you’re one of those fans, and in case you want to adorn your phone with the show’s most iconic symbols, we’ve got the case for you! See what we did there? 😉

This case by Head Case Designs is officially licensed by HBO’s Game of Thrones show. And it features all the sigils of the great houses of Westeros – from your probable favorite Starks to the one you probably hated, Lannisters. You can, however, also opt for a case with the sigil of only a single house too, if you’re picking favorites.

Besides the cool design, this case is made out of hard PC material that easily protects your phone against drops & impacts, scratches, and dust. Also, it’s pretty slim and lightweight, too.

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ESR Gear Full Protection Bundle for Google Pixel 4a

esr gear full protection case for pixel 4a bundle

Next up on this list of 10 Best Google Pixel 4A Covers and Cases is this full protection bundle for Google Pixel 4a from ESR Gears. Which means the package consists of a protective case and a screen protector for Pixel 4a.

The case is made out of soft polymer which is stronger than TPU yet easier to use than that of PC material – the best of both worlds. Also, the clear profile enables you to show off your phone’s design as well.

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In addition, the case also features a stable metal kickstand that supports both vertical and horizontal viewing that can be adjusted freely up to 60 degrees. As for the screen protector, it is tested to withstand up to 5 kg of force. And that is saying a lot for your screen’s protection. Also, the oil repelling coating on the screen and case lets you clean away fingerprints and grimes with a simple wipe.

However, you can also choose only the case as well.

Have a look at Pixel 4A protection bundle here>> back to menu ↑

J&D Ultra Slim Crystal Clear Soft Case for Google Pixel 4a

j&d ultra slim ultra-light case for pixel 4a crystal clear

Now, let’s get back to the basics. If you want something simple, a phone case that’ll simply work – without having to choose from numerous color combinations, or designs, or design profiles that will protect your phone, this is the one. A simple, crystal clear, soft, and ultralight case for your Google Pixel 4a.

This case is made out of silicone material, which is soft, and very lightweight. So, it’s easy to put on/off, but at the same time, it also protects your phone well. The soft texture also ensures a snug fit and avoids air bubbles when put on. And with the crystal clear profile. you can show off your phone’s true design as well.

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KW Mobile Fabric Faux Leather Wallet Case for Google Pixel 4a

j&d fabric faux leather case for pixel 4a with wallet feature

Lastly, in this list of 10 Best Google Pixel 4A Covers and Cases, we have another wallet case for you. Because, why not? If these are the most convenient cases out there, it’s great to have some options, isn’t it? And this is slightly different from your regular leather case as well – as it combines a faux fabric on the outside as well, that gives a soft touch and good feeling on the hands. And of course, this also looks slightly better than a regular leather case, although that is a matter of preference.

Of course, there’s also the wallet feature inside the case. You get two card slots and a pocket to hold some cash. And everything is kept intact by a magnetic clip on the cover. And the cover/lid also acts as a kickstand for multimedia viewing! Pretty neat and convenient, huh?

Available in three different color options, take a look at this faux fabric leather case here>>

Which of the case did you like the most in our list of Best Pixel 4A Cases and Covers? Which of the case are you getting for your new Google mid-range phone? Make sure to let us know in the comments section down below.

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