10 Best Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 Cases and Covers

Amazon has officially launched the 2020 Amazon Fire HD 8. The Fire HD 8 is a departure from the older Fire HD and comes with USB-C port. The new tablet is faster and has twice the storage. Here, let’s check out the Best Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 Cases and Covers.

Notice:The Fire HD 8 2020 has a design that is different from the Fire HD from 2019 and earlier. As such, none of the older Fire HD 8 cases and covers will work on the Fire HD 8 2020. All the cases for the Fire HD 8 mentioned in this article are for the 2020 Fire HD 8 edition.

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Amazon Fire HD 8 Slim Cover (2020 Edition)

amazon fire hd 8 cover by amazon

Well, guess who makes the Best Case for the 2020 Amazon Fire HD 8? Yeap, you guessed it- Amazon itself! This cover for your Amazon Fire HD 8 is designed by Amazon themselves, which happens to be the No.1 Best-seller at Amazon right now.

Since it is designed by the manufacturer itself, rest assured that this cover is the perfect fit for your Fire HD 8 tablet down to millimeters. The slim design makes it quite handy and non-bulky to carry in the hands and there’s also a built-in stand for hands-free viewing in either landscape or portrait mode. The texture is a premium fabric with microfibers as the interior to keep it from getting scratches as well. In addition, this cover also supports wireless charging on Amazon’s Wireless Charging station by Angreat(sold separately).

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Amazon Kid-Proof Case for Fire HD 8 2020

amazon fire hd 8 cover child proof

Another cover for your Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet by Amazon, this time, with child-proof protection. This case is a bit on the bulky side with thick outer covers and surfaces, but it protects against any kind of bumps and drops as well. The construction is mostly plastic, which is lightweight, yet durable and also non-toxic. This is perfect for your tablet if you will be letting your children play around with the tablet. With this, you will not have to worry much about them dropping it or being careless with it, either.

If you have a kid and are buying the Fire HD 8 case for your child, this is going to be your best (and safest) bet.

Also, even though the case covers all surfaces, there is easy access to ports, buttons, and cameras. And it even has an advanced audio port design for an enhanced audio experience. Available in three different colors that your children will definitely like.

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Moko Smart Shell Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 Case

moko smart shell stand cover for amazon fire hd 8This case, here, on this list of 10 Best Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 Cases and Covers is a smart case with some smart features for your tablet. Aesthetically, this case is slim and lightweight, with a hardback design that adds minimal bulk while protecting your precious device. The construction is also premium PU leather which makes it have a soft and good-hands-on texture with microfiber interior.

Also, the smart feature allows you to put your tablet to sleep or wake it up by simply closing or opening the cover of your case – which can be a pretty convenient one-handed feature as well.

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Moko Slim Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 Smart Cover

moko smart sleep wake function case for amazon fire hd 8

Another case by Moko for your Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet. Of course, this slim PU leather case too, features the same smart sleep and wake up functionality integrated on the lid of the case, making it a great feature to use in a single hand for such a large tablet.

What makes it different is the design pattern in this case. Whilst being constructed out of the same PU material that gives the same kind of premium look and feels, and the soft-touch texture in the hands, the design texture is somewhat different. With a single folio cover, it has a sturdier stand for better hands-free design. In addition, it features an internal strap for better one-handed usage.

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DTeck Synthetic Artistic Smart Case for Amazon Fire HD 8 2020

dteck artistic folio cases for amazon fire hd 8 smart

Tired of all the cases that offer you the same three or four color choices like a blank canvas that you can’t draw on? Of course, nothing is wrong with them- they’re not just up to the taste of some people. So, if you want to make your Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 look interesting or attractive, then, this one might just cut it. With synthetic leather construction, it offers a soft-touch feel on the hands too, and with various artworks on the cover, it gives your tablet case a new look.

Also, it includes the smart sleep/wake-up feature as well. On top of this, the lid can also be used as a kickstand. And in addition, the inner side of the lid also contains three pockets to work as cardholders – basically, wallet features. Furthermore, it also comes with a stylus pen for better usage.

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Timovo Leather Folio Case for Amazon Fire HD 8

timovo leather folio case for amazon fire hd 8 trifold

Another smart leather folio case on this list of 10 Best Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 Cases and Covers, with many of similar features. This one, here, is also another option for those looking for a premium and classy leather folio case. Designed to perfectly fit your Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet while supporting the auto wake/sleep feature as well, and everything is kept safe with the magnetic enclosure.

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The PU leather construction with inner translucent TPU to hold the tablet in place is enough protection for your tablet while the inner lid has microfiber coating to prevent any scratches. Also, the lid offers a tri-fold angle for multiple hands-free viewing angles comfortably.

This smart folio cover for the Fire HD 8 is available in three exciting colors.

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Dadanism PU Leather Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 Case Cover

dadanism premium pu leather case for amazon fire hd 8 smart case

And yet another leather folio fold case with smart lock / unlock feature in this list of 10 Best Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 Cases and Covers. The reason we are recommending so many of such cases is that these cases are highly convenient with their features, have good looking aesthetics, and feel good on the hands as well. And it’s hard to argue about the features they provide.

This case offers you a built-in kickstand with the lid, albeit with a single angle. And there’s also a strap at the back to make the tablet easier to hold with a single hand. The rest of the features are, more or less, similar to other such cases in the list.

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Fintie Silicone Case for 2020 Amazon Fire HD 8

fintie silicone case for amazon fire hd 8 shockproof

A silicone case can have great shock absorbing qualities to offer a good amount of protection to your devices. Made out of durable impact-resistant silicone that can absorb large amounts of shock upon any impact or drops, the outer surface also features a special honeycomb pattern for extra grip, and giving this anti-slip design. And that also looks a bit different…in a good way.

The case fits the Fire HD 8 precisely with and the silicone surface also makes it easier to slip it on or off as well. In addition, the sides and corners have enhanced protection to protect the most vulnerable areas, too.

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Fintie Artsy Leather Folio Case for Amazon Fire HD 8 2020

fintie artsy leather case for amazon fire hd 8 folio case

Here’s another leather folio case in this list of 10 Best Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 Cases and Covers. We promise it’s the last one in this list though 😉 ! Of course, we realize we have given you a lot of options on them, but this one, with its artsy floral design on the front and back, looked pretty compelling! The construction material is premium synthetic leather with a microfiber interior, with a snug fit, too.

The flip cover, which is a smart cover with the smart sleep/wake-up function, can also be used as a kickstand as well for hands-free viewing. And the magnetic strap puts everything in place. All of that is complemented by the artsy design which also makes your tablet look very elegant.

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Ledniceker 2020 Amazon Fire HD 8 Kid-Proof

ledniceker kids case for amazon fire hd 8 kid proof

Another kid-proof case for your Amazon Fire HD 8 in this list of 10 Best Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 Cases and Covers, but this one also comes with some added features as well. This case is made to ensure that your child will not break your tablet in any way while also keeping in mind, the convenience of your kids using it. Made with dense heavy-duty EVA foam that can withstand considerable wear-n-tear, and also impacts, the material is also hazard-free.

The thick foam covers all sides and has raised lips on the screen so that it can be safe even if it lands face down. In addition, the case is made highly convenient by a handle on the side to carry – either while transporting it, or, using single-handedly. Also, you have foldable stands at the back for hands-free viewing too. A complete child-proof case for your tablet! You can choose from about two different colors.

These are undoubtedly the best Amazon Fire HD 8 Cases and Covers you can buy in 2020. Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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