12 Best Dell XPS 15 Sleeves and Covers [2020 Model]

Dell has just rolled out a major update to the Dell XPS 15. The 2020 Dell XPS is slimmer, smaller, and is more powerful than ever. The top and the bottom bezels on the 2020 Dell XPS 15 are now even smaller. The laptop also features a 16:10, a similar setup to MacBooks. In this article, we will be looking at 12 of the Best Dell XPS 15 Sleeves and Covers.

You will find XPS 15 2020 sleeves at different price points and will different sets of features. In this article, we have a mix of both first-party and third-party sleeves for this laptop. Without wasting your time, let’s get to the list of Best Dell XPS 15 Sleeves you can buy in 2020.

Dell Essential Sleeve 15 for XPS 15

dell essential sleeve for xps 15 fitting sleeve

While grabbing essentials or accessories for any of your electronic gadgets, the best practice usually is to get one from the same company, as they will have designed it by keeping everything in consideration. Also, you can be sure of compatibility. Hence, the first sleeve for your Dell XPS 15 2020 is from Dell itself. This Essential Sleeve is a perfect fit for your 15″ dell laptops, making it a snug sleeve for your XPS 15.

The neoprene material is form-fitting, and water-resistant so that you can protect your laptop inside from any spills too. Apart from that, the sleeve also resists scratches from outside and has inner linings to protect it from minor bumps and scuffs. Lightweight and easy to carry, this convenient sleeve from Dell can work for you if all you need is a perfect sleeve for your laptop.

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Tomtoc 360 Protective Notebook Case for Dell XPS 15

tomtoc 360 protective dell xps 15 notebook case

Tomtoc is something of a popular brand when it comes to cases, sleeves, and covers. And with Tomtoc’s large variety of such accessories, it also has something for your Dell XPS 15. This Tomtoc 360 Sleeve features the CornerArmor patent – meaning, that the corners are reinforced with extra materials that can protect your laptop inside from drops or bumps, like a car’s airbag.

Also, even without the Corner Armor, the internal lining is thick and plush with great cushioning. This makes for not only good protection but also a better snug fit and prevents any scratches inside. In addition, with YKK Zippers, it gives you a long-lasting and convenient carrier for your laptop. Furthermore, it also comes with a front pocket for storing other accessories, such as chargers, cables, flash drives, and the likes.

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Keytas Ultra Slim Soft Leather Carrying Case for Dell XPS 15

keytas dell xps 15 slim leather sleeve soft cover

This is more of a fashionable option as a laptop sleeve for your Dell XPS 15. With the ultra-slim design, it is designed to snug fit ultrabooks, and your Dell XPS 15 will fit right in. The classic leather handbag style gives you a unique look while the handmade craftmanship is sure to turn a few heads. Plus, the material is soft leather, so it’s comfortable to carry around in your hand as well.

Also, the sleeve is water repellent and anti-scratch, so, even if you spill something on it, or choose to carry it in along with other stuff in your bag, no worries! The only disadvantage is that it lacks a top flap cover, instead, replacing it with a button to keep secure. However, it makes up for it in style and comfort, enabling you to decide what you want.

In addition, this stylish leather sleeve can be yours for less than $20! This is personally my favorite sleeve for the Dell XPS 15 2020.

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Ayotu Designer Pattern Sleeve Case for Dell XPS 15

ayotu sleeve case for dell xps 15 design patterns

Tired of symmetrical or consistent color designs on your laptop sleeves? Want something eye-catching and colorful for your laptop? Then, this might be an option to watch out for. The Ayotu laptop sleeve has a wide range of compatibility – from the MacBook Pro 15 to your Dell XPS 15 as well. With simple yet colorful designs and patterns, it can sure be a good change among your gadgets’ accessories.

This sleeve is an envelope styled case with a flap up top and magnetic enclosure – giving it somewhat of a classy, retro look. Also, with PU leather construction to go along with the looks, it becomes a highly fashionable sleeve for your laptop. And another great feature about this is that it can work as a mousepad if you use an external mouse! Isn’t that convenient?

Furthermore, there are a lot of color options to choose from – simple patterns to flowery designs to paintings, whichever you fancy. And this can be yours for as low as $15.

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Kasper Maison Premium Italian Leather Sleeve for Dell XPS 15

kasper maison premium case for dell xps 15 italian leather

Got $140 bucks to spend on a laptop accessory? More specifically, a laptop sleeve for your Dell XPS 15? If you do, well, this is the right one for you! Why? Because, you’ve got money, of course, and this leather sleeve is among the most premium and best quality leather sleeves you will find. As it is the case with investing in a premium phone case, it is also worth spending your money on a premium sleeve if style and protection are your top-most priority.

Kasper Maison is a Swedish-born fashion company specializing in premium leather accessories using the highest quality of genuine leather. Made out of vegetable tanned Italian full-grain cowhide leather, it will only get better with age – a mark of a genuine leather accessory. The sleeve will provide a very tight fit initially, and with time, it will shape into the perfect cover for best functionality. Also, the quality is assured with scratch-free material. In addition, you also get a Cord Holder to keep our earphones or cables tangle-free and secure.

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Thule Gauntlet 3.0 Protective Sleeve for Dell XPS 15

thule gauntlet rigid sleeve for dell xps 14 protective sleeve

Originally intended as a sleeve for the Macbook Pro 15, this sleeve, however, is compatible with most 15-inch laptops. And thankfully so, it does fit the Dell XPS 15, because, this is one of the best ones there is. This one is meant to be an armor-like sleeve for your laptop!

It features a rigid exterior that provides added protection to your device inside – like a tough suitcase. Inside, the interior has thick padding to protect from bumps and scratches. and also, there are enhanced corner and edge protection to prevent any damage from any bumps or drops. Furthermore, its clamshell design can enable you to use your laptop even without fully taking it out of the case – in case you want to be extra safe in your surroundings.

Another bonus point: It looks tough, and so, with it, you look like you’re carrying something exciting goods 😉

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Tomtoc 360 Protective Laptop Sleeve-Shoulder Bag for Dell XPS 15

tomtoc 360 dell xps 15 case shoulder bag

Here’s something that will be of extra convenience to you and your Dell XPS 15. This sleeve/case/bag has even won the Wirecutter Pick Award for incredible carry versatility, so keep that into consideration. And you can tell simply by looking at it that it has got the structure to house internal padding and corner protection for your laptops. And that is pretty helpful while traveling or laying it on the table.

This sleeve, with its shoulder bag functionality, can be easily used as a standalone bag as well, but you can also fit it in some large backpacks. The inside space is snug enough to fit in your laptop and not let it slip and slide, while the outer pockets are roomy enough to store everything from chargers, cables, to mouse, and external hard drives. A perfect travel bag for carrying your laptop.

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MOSISO Slim Ultralight Laptop Sleeve for Dell XPS 15

mosiso slim ultralight laptop sleeve for dell xps 15 cute

Here is something on the cuter side if you’re looking for such cases for your laptops, especially for the ladies. This is a proper ultraslim and ultra-light sleeve case for your Dell XPS 15. With its dimensions, it can fit most 15″ laptops snuggly, so, the XPS 15 is no exception.

The outer material is neoprene which is waterproof and dust-proof as well. As for the insides, there’s a foam padding to keep the laptop safe and snug and fluffy fleece lining for bump and shock protection from accidental impacts. Also, you get a small pouch bag to store your Mouse or flash drives or such separately as well. And all of this for a slim price of less than $14.

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Odtex Colorful Design Canvas Sleeves for Dell XPS 15

odtex color canvas dell xps 15 sleeves

Another one of the colorful designs sleeves for your Dell XPS 15, if you want more options for that one. These, however, are not very subtle but full of funky designs. And if that is what you want for your laptop, then, it can be the best design plus protection combo you can lay your hands on. And with its size and weight, it can easily fit into another bag for your travel needs.

The construction material is canvas, which is waterproof and dust-proof and similar to neoprene, except it does not feel as soft-touch as neoprene, but is also tougher against tears and scratches. Also, this comes with a strap to make for an easy support carrier on luggage and suitcases. In addition, this one, too, comes with a smaller pouch to store your mouse or flash drives. Furthermore, you also get another smaller pocket to store your cables. So, all in all, a pretty style-convenience-durability combo.

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AmazonBascis Ultralight Sleeve for Dell XPS 15

amazonbasics sleeve for dell xps 15 ultralightWhen in doubt, you go back to the basics! And so, this one sleeve by AmazonBasics is something that you will not go wrong with. Sure, it may not look as stylish or be as tough as some other sleeves out there, but if a simple sleeve for your Dell XPS 15 is all you want, then, this can be the one to go for! Just like most basic sleeves do, this one is the same – a sleeve with a slim design and ultralight weight.

That means it is also highly form-fitting to store your laptop with a snug fit, and its slim size means you can easily carry it around in backpacks or other messenger bags. The outer part has a soft touch feel as well, which makes it easier to carry on the hand, as well.

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Vangoddy Stylish Precision Laptop Sleeve for Dell XPS 15

vangoddy laptop sleeve for dell xps 15 style and precisionNext up is something that lies in between an armor-like sleeve and your general precision sleeve. This is a perfect accessory for someone who wants something that gives better protection but at the same time, can fit into smaller backpacks. The rugged outer material is high-quality nylon that, on top of looking professional, also provides great protection to your device. Also, the outer layer is water-resistant to protect from spillages and the likes. The interior has premium soft lining material to eliminate the threat of scratches and dents. And along the lining are microbubbles to provide an extra layer of shock-resistant padding to your precious device.

Another good thing about this is that both sides of the sleeve house extra pockets – to store tablets, cables, or, anything simple like notepads.

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AmazonBasics Felt Sleeve Case for Dell XPS 15

amazonbasics felt laptop sleeve for dell xps 15

Another one by AmazonBasics in this list of 12 Best Dell XPS 15 Sleeves and Covers. This, one, is the most affordable one on the list, and if you’re looking for something cheap that does its job and looks good, this could be the way to go. Now, of course, this is a sleeve for a Macbook Pro 15. But it is pretty much compatible with the Dell XPS 15 as well.

The construction is high quality felt which looks and feels good on the hands, while the interior is soft suede to keep it from scratching. Plus, it uses a flap as a lid as an enclosure instead of a zipper with velcro – which means easy opening, closing too. Also, you get other storage spaces in the form of a zippered compartment on the front and two pockets at the back. So, this is a cheap solution for your device.

Which of the 12 Dell XPS 15 2020 sleeves did you like the most? What is your recommendation as to the Best Dell XPS 15 Sleeves and Covers? Let us know in the comments section down below. If you didn’t like any of our choices, it’s worth mentioning that you shouldn’t be getting a generic 15.6-inch laptop sleeve for the Dell XPS 15 2020. This laptop is smaller than most 15-inch laptops. So, getting a 14-inch laptop sleeve may be a better option.

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