7 Best BLU G9 Pro Cases and Covers

In this article, let’s check out the Best BLU G9 Pro Cases and Covers you can buy in 2020. Without wasting any time, let’s get to it!

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Tudia Heavy-Duty Case for BLU G9 Pro

tudia heavy duty merge blu g9 pro case dual layerThe TUDIA Heavy Duty case is one of the best cases to ensure maximum protection for your BLU G9 Pro. And of course, with a tagline of Heavy Duty, it is a dual-layered case. Because we know that those are the best ones when it comes to some tough protection. With dual layers, the outer layer is made out of hard, drop-resistant Polycarbonate (PC) material. Whereas, the inner one is soft, shock-absorbing Thermoplastic Polyutherene (TPU). Also, the outer layer is resistant to scratches and finger smudges as well. In addition, the surface also promotes the grip in your hands.

Furthermore, the front side features raised bezels on the lips of the case to ensure screen protection while laying it face down, too. And a precision cut means that all access to ports and buttons are preserved intact.

The case is available in 4 colors. The Black color option is definitely my favorite.

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Golden Sheep Drop Protection Leather Case for BLU G9 Pro

golden sheep leather flip blu g9 pro case wallet featureNext up in the list of Best BLU G9 Pro Cases, here’s a kind that reflects a classy outlook, and reeks of convenience more than anything else. This leather case is designed to provide all-round protection (even on your screen) with its flip cover. The cover ensures that the screen comes to no harm while keeping it in your pocket or taking it out as well as any other external elements. Also, the material itself is scratch resistant.

The Polyutherene leather material is a faux leather material that is stronger. And also gives you a nice, classy leather look on your phone case. And yes, the texture is such that it gives you a nice, soft-touch feeling while also promoting some form of grip. In addition, the wallet features add convenience to style with its three pockets on the inside to store your cards or some cash. And since everything is held together by a secure button, no need to worry about them falling off either.

There are three colors to choose from.

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New Frontier Hybrid Case for BLU G9 Pro

new frontier case for blu g9 pro hybrid caseA hybrid case is, more or less, pretty similar to a dual-layered case. However, the difference lies in the fact that the design of hybrid cases is seamless, and you won’t know where one layer ends and the other begins. And in terms of protection too, they’re pretty much the same, except for that these may not be as heavy-duty as the other rugged ones. Nonetheless, these can pretty much get the job done in terms of protection.

Being a hybrid case, there are two layers at play here as well – the soft, shock-absorbing TPU layer on the inside and a hard polycarbonate layer on the outside. Plus, it features a texture at the back that adds more grip to the case on your hands. Also, the inner layer is designed so to have raised bezels on the front so that your screen is not damaged when it lands on the floor in case of mishaps or simply laying it on the table.

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BLU G9 Pro Case, Rotating Ring [Magnetic Car Mount] [360°Kickstand] Holder


This is a slim case for the BLU G9 Pro. This is my favorite case in this list of Best BLU G9 Pro Cases and Covers. It is alim and has an embedded rotating ring which lets you use it as a kickstand. It is an excellent feature and something that makes it stand out from the rest of the other cases for the G9 Pro.

This case is available in 3 exciting colors. I think the case looks the best in Red color option but this comes down to personal preference. This excellent BLU G9 Pro case is made out of TPU material and provides good drop protection. The case itself has a good amount of grip and doesn’t easily slide away.

In addition to that, the case also works with any magnetic car mount holder. The case can be sucked into the magnetic into your car’s magnetic mount. Sweet, isn’t it?

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TienJueShi Fashion Style Leather Case for BLU G9 Pro

tienjueshi fashion style case for blu g9 pro leather flip caseHere’s another leather fold case for your BLU G9 Pro phone. But this one comes with quite the difference in terms of how it looks – thanks to the various printed designs it features on it. This makes the case’s appearance quite vibrant – standing out from your other regular cases. The paint is UV, so, it won’t wash away easily after everyday usage. It can last quite a while.

Besides the fashionable and stylish designs on the cover, the leather case is comfortable to carry and offers some convenient features as well. There’s the soft-touch feel that comes with PU leather texture and the screen protection of the flip cover. Also, the wallet feature with card slots makes it easy for you to carry your cards and cash as well. Furthermore, the lid also acts as a kickstand for multimedia consumption as well.

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Skinomi TechSkin Carbon Fiber Skin for BLU G9 Pro

skinomi techskin skin for blu g9 pro carbon fiberJust in case you don’t want a case (see what I did there?) for your BLU G9 Pro because of the size, or something, you can always slap on a skin on your phone. Skins give your phones a whole new look & feel, and some form of protection against scratches and smudges without compromising on the thickness or anything. Normally, we’d recommend a skin from dbrand or slickwraps but they don’t make skins for BLU phones. However, there are some others that do. And so, here’s a Carbon Fiber texture case for your phone that preserves your phone’s looks and shape.

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The skin is pretty easy to apply. But you also get all the necessary instruction sets and tools in the package itself. Plus, there is a wide variety of colors for the skins to choose from – all of them in Carbon Fiber, though. And that’s also cool because the texture gives you a nice grip!

Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector for BLU G9 Proskinomi techskin blu g9 pro skin protectorThis is not a phone case for your BLU G9 Pro either, but an essential part of your phone’s protection, nonetheless. Screen protectors do not get enough attention. But they’re vital for the protection of our phone’s screen – the one element we interact with our phones with. This screen protector offers you maximum scratch resistance as it is made from the same material that is used to film luxury cars.

With 9H hardness, it clearly gives you tough protection on the screen. And it also preserves the sensitivity of the touch surface while also ensuring 99% clarity as well. Also, the screen protector comes with a patented layer of UV protection that discourages yellowing with time. This means it preserves screen clarity in the long term usage as well. Designed precisely to fit your BLU G9 Pro, it comes with all the necessary instructions and a lifetime warranty.

There you go. These were the Best BLU G9 Pro cases you can buy in 2020. Which one are you planning to get for your new phone? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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